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Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones 5 Drama Has Come To A Happy Ending, Fingers Crossed There’s No More Injuries

Indiana Jones has had an interesting life. He’s fought Nazis while rescuing ancient artifacts, all while trying to teach college kids about archeology. On the flip side, the battles of Harrison Ford are apparently a bit more mundane. First the actor hurt himself while filming Indiana Jones 5. Then he very nearly lost his credit card in an Italian beach town. Luckily it was found and returned to him. 

Harrison Ford was apparently taking a little break from filming Indiana Jones 5 in Italy, and he decided to spend a weekend in Mondello, a beach town in Sicily. At some point he apparently lost his credit card, but it was discovered by a German tourist and turned into the local authorities. The New York Daily News reports that it was returned to Ford without incident. It’s not even clear if the actor even realized that he had lost it. 

It’s taken a long time for Indiana Jones 5 to even make it in front of cameras and now that the movie is finally happening it’s been a less than perfect experience for Harrison Ford. The actor injured his arm on the set of the new movie, causing delays in production. He’s been back at work for about a month now. 

Certainly, in the grand scheme of things a lost credit card isn’t the worst thing to happen to Harrison Ford recently. But if you’ve ever lost your credit card, you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be. It’s that much worse if the wrong person finds it and uses it, and Harrison Ford probably has a pretty impressive credit limit. Luckily for him, a nice person found the card first. At the same time, trying to pass yourself off as Harrison Ford might have been tough.

The police officers who returned the credit card to Ford apparently were able to get a photo with him, which is certainly going to be something those cops will cherish. And it will probably give Harrison Ford a good laugh in the future as well. 

Hopefully now Harrison Ford has worked through his bad luck and the rest of his time making the new Indiana Jones movie will go much more smoothly, with no injuries or lost personal property. 

Fans have been waiting for Indiana Jones 5 for quite some time, and while the movie recently received yet another release delay, it is actually filming, so as long as shooting finishes without major issues, the movie will happen, even if it ends up sitting on a shelf waiting to be released. 

What this new, and one assumes, final, adventure for Indiana Jones will be, nobody really knows, but just seeing that iconic fedora one more time will likely be worth it

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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