Home Alone Fan Shares TikTok Explaining How The Family Forgot Kevin In The Christmas Classic, And People Are Freaking In The Comments

It’s the holiday season and that means revisiting classic holiday movies. For some that might mean White Christmas, for others it’s just not Christmas without Die Hard. However, one undeniable modern classic is Home Alone. One can bet a lot of people have watched that one recently, but one viewer caught something that most people appear to have missed for years, and the comments are freaking out. 

Home Alone is a family comedy, even if technically the movie is incredibly violent and Kevin might be a sociopath, and as such, it has to be said that one must be willing to suspend disbelief to a certain degree. The entire premise that a family might get on an airplane without realizing they left a kid at home is a bit crazy. Having said that, the plot does its part to create a chain of events that makes leaving Kevin at home plausible, including, as a recent viral TikTok points out, throwing Kevin’s plane ticket in the trash.


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It was news to the person who posted the video, as they had only just noticed that in cleaning up after dinner, one of the plane tickets ends up in the trash. While it’s slowed down here, the camera does focus on it, but only for a brief moment, so it would be easy to miss. It turns out a lot of other people missed this as well as the video comments are full of people whose minds were just blown.

Watching the movie rn and I didn’t catch that.

When the family has to rush to the airport, they think Kevin is in the car because a neighbor kid who comes to see what’s going on gets mistaken for the kid. This explains how they get to the airport without Kevin, but if they had an extra ticket, it seems likely his absence would have been noticed then, but they were actually one ticket short, so they all get on the plane thinking everything is fine.

A lot of people clearly had never noticed this before. Although interestingly, quite a few seem to have discovered this shot on their own, but only recently. Perhaps it’s watching the movie on larger screens and in HD that’s causing more people to notice. 

I have been watching the home alone movies every night for the past 2 months I just noticed this lik 2 weeks ago! Lol

Even if you noticed the ticket going in the trash, it would be easy to not really register its relevance. The movie never draws attention to the tickets at the airport. Dad hands them as a group to the gate attendant and while she appears to be doing a quick count visually, the scene ends before there’s any sort of specific remark that the flyers and tickets line up. Having said that, there are people who already knew about this scene and the thing that shocks them is that other people did not.  

That’s literally the plot of the movie and how they didn’t know he was missing, do u guys actually watch the movies??

Clearly, this was not something that everybody missed, but a lot of people certainly did. They won’t be watching Home Alone the same way again, though when they do watch it again they may start to wonder if there’s anything else they missed.  

Dirk Libbey
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