How Brad Pitt Allegedly Feels About All The Ongoing Divorce Drama With Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in suits in Mr. and Mrs. Smith
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The relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has been the stuff of headlines since the day it began, but the two have continued to see their names in headlines together for the last several years despite being legally separated. A number of topics such as child custody have kept the pair in court. And while the legal battles have been contentious, Brad Pitt reportedly hopes that eventually the two will be able to forgive each other. 

An unnamed source reportedly tells Us that Brad Pitt hopes that eventually, despite all the bad blood that has passed between himself and Angelina Jolie, the two will be able to forgive each other, and move forward, if only for the sake of the six children they share. 

While it may be possible that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to put this all behind them eventually, it seems unlikely that will be happening anytime soon. Custody of the four minor children has been a battle so long, when it started it was a battle over five children, though one has turned 18 in the interim. Jolie had wanted sole custody, but the judge eventually awarded joint custody to both parents. Jolie has reportedly not stopped fighting, and eventually was able to get the judge on the case removed, something she tried multiple times over the years to achieve.

Considering that Angelina Jolie has continued to focus on the custody arrangement, even after it has been ruled on, it seems she is not quite ready to put things behind her. She has accused Pitt of abuse in the past which may be why she’s not willing to settle on the current custody arrangement. 

Her side had wanted the previous judge to consider evidence that he eventually ruled against. With a new judge it’s possible previous rulings will in fact be revisited, and so we could be going back into the custody phase. If the new judge isn't willing to revisit previous decisions, then we might see this settlement finally come to an end in the near future. At that point we may see how much these two sides will be able to put behind them.

Child custody hasn’t been the only thing delaying the divorce settlement between the two. There is also the question of the division of property which has been an ongoing process. One of the major items of contention had been a winery in France the two owned together. Jolie recently sold her share, though not to Pitt, so the item is no longer part of the divorce proceedings. 

The divorce has certainly been acrimonious at times but that doesn’t mean it can’t reach a point where the two ides are at least civil with each other. That’s reportedly what Brad Pitt is hoping for, but it will likely be some time before things can even consider getting to that point. 

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