Is Armie Hammer Really Giving Tours In The Cayman Islands After Moving There Following Hollywood Scandal?

Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name
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Whatever happened to Armie Hammer? The actor is certainly not hanging out on film sets after numerous women who came forward with claims the Call Me By Your Name actor abusive with them, including various cannibalism exchanges via text. Since the scandal, Hammer was recast in a slew of projects he was previously attached to, he split with his wife and he checked into a treatment center for months. This week, his whereabouts were allegedly tracked down when he went viral again over a claim he is now giving tours in the Cayman Islands. 

After Armie Hammer checked into a treatment center in Orlando, Florida in summer 2021, he reportedly checked out at the end of the year and moved back to the Cayman Islands, which he lived at as a kid with his family before moving back as an adult with his ex-wife and kids during the pandemic (they have since left). Let’s dive into this recent rumor about the Hollywood actor.  

What Are The Rumors About Armie Hammer Being A Concierge?

On Wednesday, Twitter was sent into a whirlwind when TV writer/producer Muna Mire took to the site to share a flyer her friend’s parents sent her involving Armie Hammer. The tweet has since been deleted, but here it is: 

Armie Hammer concierge Tweet

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The flyer features a picture of Armie Hammer along with an advertisement that he is a “personal concierge” in the Cayman Islands. It didn't exactly look official, but promised discounts, reasonable prices and a “free orientation” about the island to guests. 

What The Sources Are Saying About Armie Hammer Being A Concierge

Since the flyer went viral, two major sources have reported on the subject. First off, TMZ reported on the situation with actual pictures of Armie Hammer wearing a blue polo and slacks and entering the offices of a Cayman Island resort. According to a timeshare resident the outlet spoke to, Hammer has been at the resort for “several hours a day” and has also been seen going outside for smoke breaks. The witness claimed they saw Hammer show at least one family around a timeshare on the property, too. 

A major detail from that report is the confirmation that Hammer has a friend who works at the resort and may be filling his time there or helping him out right now. Still, Variety spoke to one of Hammer’s lawyers, Andrew Brettler, who said the flyer was fake. The report explained that Hammer is friends with some of the hotel staff, plays golf with them and they made it as a prank to see if it would get attention. A resort employee, whom Variety spoke to, said they’ve had an uptick of phone calls at the resort, adding they could “only dream of this sort of publicity.”

All of Hammer’s previous upcoming movies and TV roles became roles for other actors. Taika Waititi recast the actor with Will Arnett for his sports film, Next Goal Wins and Josh Duhamel replaced him in rom-com with Jennifer Lopez, Shotgun Wedding to name a couple things he is no longer doing. Sounds like Hammer might be resettling into the island life with close friends amidst his high-profile scandal. 

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