Armie Hammer Reportedly Leaves Rehab Months After Sex Cannibal Texts Go Viral

screenshot Armie Hammer in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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A number of stars have gone viral for various reasons this past year, but actor Armie Hammer made headlines for supposedly seeing himself as a cannibal. Private text messages started circulating earlier this year that suggested the Call Me By Your Name star had fantasies about literally eating his sexual partners, and it prompted many offhanded jokes online. However, the situation became much more serious when multiple ex-girlfriends came forward with similar stories of violence concerning Hammer. In the wake of the controversy, he was ultimately dropped by his agency and several acting projects, which resulted in the actor checking himself into rehab. Fast forward a few months later, and he is now reportedly out of the facility.

Armie Hammer first checked into an in-patient treatment facility in Orlando, Florida at the end of May. He was allegedly being treated for issues related to drug, alcohol and sex, following the viral cannibal allegations. However, a source for The Sun claims that the actor had actually been in the facility for nine months and was “thriving” but just recently decided to end his stay. They don’t stipulate the reasoning behind his exit, but stated:

He is doing really well and it's wonderful news for his family. He's back in the Cayman Islands.

Despite allegedly leaving rehab, the Golden Globe-nominated actor still has a lot of issues to contend with in the real world. Namely, he was accused of violently raping and threatening the life of a former partner (only identified as Effie) in March of this year. The seriousness of the allegations prompted an official investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. 

The case is reportedly now being forwarded to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, per TMZ, but their sources claim the situation most likely won't result in formal charges against the actor. At the time of the initial accusations, he stated through his legal team that any of his sexual encounters were “consensual” and refuted what was being alleged.

Along with the ongoing legal situation, the cannibal story has also affected his personal and professional career. He and his wife Elizabeth Chambers have separated. Moreover, Hammer has since been replaced in several roles in the past few months, including a Broadway stint, the Julia Roberts drama Gaslit, the Paramount+ series The Offer, as well as the film Shotgun Wedding led by Jennifer Lopez. However, he still has a few completed titles to be released that predate the accusations against him, such as Next Goal Wins and Death on the Nile.

For the time being, though, it would seem Armie Hammer is looking to keep a low profile after his stint in rehab. We here at Cinemablend will keep you informed on any updates to the situation as they arise.

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