Jason Momoa Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Supporting Zoë Kravitz In The Batman, This Time Channing Tatum Is Involved

Jason Momoa in Justice League and Channing Tatum in Dog, pictured side by side.
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Aquaman star and generally good guy Jason Momoa seemingly can’t stop, and won't stop supporting Zoë Kravitz’s role in The Batman. Even after his split with her mother, Lisa Bonet, Momoa just keeps hyping up her new role in the world of DC comic book movies with great pride. At it again, it’s not just business as usual this time, as Jason Momoa has gotten Kravitz’s boyfriend Channing Tatum involved in the fun. 

Taking to his Instagram, Momoa tells a story of how he and Tatum were able to score a last minute connection to a premiere event for The Batman taking place tonight. His anticipation is absolutely on brand, as Jason Momoa posed for the following photo with Channing Tatum, including a very appropriate caption: 

What you’ve just seen is one of those images that you can hear, even in the absence of actual audio. It’s not hard to imagine that a high five may have taken place after this pose, with Jason Momoa yelling “My man!” before he brings it in for a hug with Channing Tatum. Unfortunately there’s no actual proof the scenario above actually took place, but good luck trying to convince anyone to challenge it.

Another absolutely adorable part of this latest car on the Momoa hype train is the fact that he once again uses part of his nickname for Zöe Kravitz in the final caption. Some in Kravitz’s position might feel a bit embarrassed, especially when a significant other is involved in the picture. Then again, knowing just how charming and friendly Jason Momoa’s personality has been proven to be, he’s  probably already cleared such affection with Kravitz ahead of time. 

Bro-ing out seems to be a talent that Jason Momoa doesn’t know how to turn off. When your potential ex-wife’s ex is Lenny Kravitz, and he wishes you a happy birthday, you know you’ve done something right. Also, Momoa is set to work with American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe on his new History show On The Road; which was also announced via social media post.

It feels like any of us could become friends with Jason Momoa, if we were given the chance. While no one would want to nakedly assume that it’d be that easy, it’s also not a huge stretch of the imagination. So maybe Avatar 2 director James Cameron and the star of Aquaman 2 should test this theory, and get together for a good natured photograph before their twin titans of tidal tales battle it out for box office supremacy.

In case you forgot, Avatar 2 as well as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are supposed to be released into theaters on December 16. It’s quite possibly the big screen battle of the 2022 movie calendar, and you’re going to want to keep track of that schedule to see who, if anyone, blinks in the name of cleaning up at the box office

Meanwhile, The Batman will be upon us this weekend, and Dog is currently in theaters, should you want to indulge in a Zoë Kravitz/Channing Tatum double feature.

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