Jason Momoa Reveals Nickname For Zoë Kravitz When Reacting To The Batman’s Full Trailer

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle and Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry
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There’s some family among the big-screen DC Universe. Jason Momoa is married to Lisa Bonet, who is the mother of Zoë Kravitz. And if you’ve been following along on the latest news about what’s next for Warner Bros’ superheroes, Kravitz is about to play Catwoman in The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader. So naturally, Momoa is cheering his stepdaughter on following the latest trailer dropping online. 

Jason Momoa reposted the mind-blowing The Batman trailer on his Instagram account, along with revealing a cute nickname he uses for Zoë Kravitz, because they’re adorable. Check out his post: 

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The nickname you came over here for is “zozo bear,” and Zoë has previously called Momoa “papa bear.” Cute, right? You can just tell that Jason Momoa and Zoë Kravitz are close. He’s not only a seriously cool “dad,” but an avid supporter of the actress’ work. With her role in The Batman coming up, the two actors will be under the same umbrella of superheroes Warner Bros is adapting for the big screen. Though I say that with the note that The Batman is set in another universe than Momoa’s Aquaman considering the Batman he knows is Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne from Batman v. Superman and Justice League

Last weekend, the second trailer for The Batman premiered at DC Fandome to a massive reaction from fans, including Zack Snyder. After seeing the latest look at the film, it’s clear that Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman will have a major role in the movie and really get to know Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight as we do. 

Back in 2019, Jason Momoa shared that he told Kravitz that her life was going to change following the casting. He said he thinks playing a role like this is going to make the actress “huge,” along with feeling assured that she’s going to “kill it” as Selina Kyle. Zoë Kravitz is no stranger to big properties, as she’s had roles in the X-Men, Divergent and Fantastic Beasts franchises. Still, Catwoman will still be her most iconic character to date considering all the fans who love the DC vigilante. 

Jason Momoa has also gushed before about Zoë Kravitz being a great role model to his teenage daughter and Kravitz’s half sister, Lola Iolani. The Aquaman actor called her the most “real person” he knows to Men’s Health. It is really sweet to see Kravitz and Momoa’s relationship creep in on social media as these two talents get ready to star in upcoming DC movies. Kravitz’s Catwoman will be first when The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022. Momoa’s next appearance as Aquaman will be for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is set to hit theaters on December 16 of the same year. 

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