Mike Wolfe Has A Sweet Response After Jason Momoa Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag About Their Upcoming Adventure

Occasionally, there’s a picture taken on the Internet of two celebrities that is super confusing when when you first see it. Like that time Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill saw Britney Spears in an airport and snapped a quick photo. Or that other time Brie Larson snuck into a MET Gala photo with a whole bunch of Kardashians. It happened again this month when Aquaman 2 star Jason Momoa shared a post after hanging out with none other than American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe. The reality TV star even shared a sweet response after the hangout went down. 

After the See star and his History channel brother hung out, Mike Wolfe did confirm what was suspected from our sleuthing when the original post broke: the two will be working together in some capacity for Jason Momoa’s new show On The Roam. That project is a previously announced travel show that the actor had been out and about working on in recent weeks. Mike Wolfe confirms it will be antique motorcycles that will bring the two men together for the big TV crossover event. Here’s his sweet post:

Jason Momoa has been a man known for carving his own path for a long time. He’s a superhero who doesn’t like to work out like other superheroes, preferring formats like rock climbing to traditional gym environments. When Aquaman 2 wrapped filming, he spent some time out in nature, enjoying the Hawai’ian environment and the communities built there. But it’s still unexpected to see him hanging out with a History Channel star, that is until you have the context, so I’m really glad Wolfe shared more details here, and I’m also just excited about how excited both men seem to have been about getting to hang out. 

Context matters. Seeing Ed O’Neill with Britney Spears is way better when the actor himself admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that he “didn’t know it was her” when she asked for a photo at the airport. Brie Larson told the story about her MET Gala adventure as well, joking on her own Instagram, ‘I needed to go to the bathroom and ended up famous.’  In the Momoa and Wolfe case, one thing both men have in common are old things. Momoa has rebuilt classic cars in the past, including restoring an old school Mustang for  his now-ex Lisa Bonet

With that in mind, On The Roam seems like an obvious fit. Without it, is just looks like a DC star hanging out with a reality TV star in Nashville for unclear reasons. Again, nice to get some clarification here.

In another post, Jason Momoa admitted that filming on On The Roam has wrapped and shared more details about a special guitar and more. While there may not be any more random or viral posts about On The Roam coming out of left field anymore, the good news is that this  means we should be able to see this American Pickers-oriented crossover hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Jason Momoa has already gone to “extraordinary” places to meet cool people for On The Roam, and when the docuseries eventually premieres, it will be heading straight to Discovery and its streaming off-shoot discovery+. Though now I’m sort of hoping we’ll get another Momoa/Wolfe collaboration down the line, maybe even on Pickers next time. Particularly given Mike Wolfe has not fully cemented another partner… 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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