Jennifer Aniston, Jeremy Renner And More Had A+ Responses After Paul Rudd Became Sexiest Man Alive

Paul Rudd being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive became a moment a lot of people could get behind. Really, the declaration had probably been decades in the making as viewers have swooned over the ageless MCU star for years. In true Paul Rudd fashion, the reveal had a funny bent, and the actor himself wasn’t the only one to get in on the fun as many of his celebrity friends chimed in on Rudd’s much-deserved title.

Fans already got an ace response about the new title from comedic musician “Weird Al” Yankovic. His post served as an homage to himself while celebrating Paul Rudd’s new title with a series of Rudd as Yankovic. Even more Hollywood stars decided to get in on the fun by sharing some hilarious takes on Rudd being declared Sexiest Man Alive. Of course, his MCU family had to say something with Hawkeye’s Jeremy Renner stepping up first. Renner congratulated Rudd on Instagram with a prom-style couple photo with the two stars.

Jeremy Renner’s post was sweet and spicy, but he might’ve been outdone by fellow MCU star Mark Ruffalo. It’s no secret how enamored Ruffalo has been by Paul Rudd’s mere presence. And the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star being crowned as Hollywood’s most desirable man was the perfect moment to let the world know his stance on Twitter.

The Marvel love continued as new family member Ryan Reynolds couldn’t help but look back at his time as Sexiest Man Alive. There seemed to be some regret as Reynolds gave Paul Rudd some NSFW advice during his Today interview.

Of course, it’s [Paul Rudd]… I think this opportunity will be wasted on him like so many before him. He’s gonna play it shy, he’s gonna play it bashful, humble. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t do that. You gotta seize this opportunity. Oh, if I got it now, I’m not saying I would leave my family, but they would need to go on without me. I would roam the world clutching my dog-eared People Magazine going from town to town, sowing my wild oats like some nude magical gardener. It would be amazing.

While Paul Rudd might not want to throw away his decades-long marriage, another Hollywood star seemed to recognize his hotness years ago. His Wanderlust co-star Jennifer Aniston celebrated Rudd’s latest title on her Instagram by acknowledging his decades of hotness.

We’ve always known this, but Paul Rudd is officially People’s Sexiest Man Alive!

But like all his co-stars, the Morning Show star had to take a jab at Paul Rudd’s lack of aging. Jennifer Aniston showed love to him while calling him out on his youthful looks in the Instagram story below:

Jennifer Aniston's message to Paul Rudd on Instagram Stories

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Jennifer Aniston may have called Paul Rudd out for his fresh face appeal, but another MCU cohort decided to hitch their wagon to his new position. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania director Peyton Reed took to Twitter to let everyone know how close he is to the Sexiest Man Alive.

Unlike Aniston and Reed, another Rudd co-star seemed to miss the initial news. I Love You Man’s Thomas Lennon found the Paul Rudd news overwhelming as he joked on Twitter about a conversation between him and his father.

Wish I’d had a heads-up that Paul Rudd would win Sexiest Man Alive before I had dinner with my dad that same day. We talked of little else.

While many congratulated Paul Rudd on his new title, one Hollywood star made a case for himself to be named Sexiest Man Alive. The Lion King’s Billy Eichner made his case by retweeting Dickinson creator Alena Smith’s post about which role is his sexiest.

Luckily, his Hollywood pals and acquaintances seemed to love that Paul Rudd has finally gotten his flowers. Hopefully, all this Sexiest Man Alive goodwill carries over as his latest film Ghostbusters: Afterlife arrives in theaters on Nov. 19.

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