Johnny Depp's WTF Reaction To An Expert Witness During A Convo About Willy Wonka Is Going Viral

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s explosive trial is still going strong, and somehow, it’s getting even weirder. A witness for Amber Heard’s side was called to give expert testimony on Depp’s mental state, but the conversation devolved into a back-and-forth with the actor’s attorney which touched on, among other things, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. The exchange left the doctor looking utterly confused and had Depp and his attorney exchanging WTF reactions.

The moment was so strange, in fact, that it went viral on Reddit. Let me set the stage real quick. Depp’s attorney was essentially asking the doctor how he was able to diagnose him without seeing him in a professional capacity. The witness said he looked at interviews and appearances to judge processing speed. Prior to the trial, he allegedly admitted one of the things he looked at was Pirates Of The Caribbean. As such, Depp’s attorney brought that up and then mockingly asked him if he also used Willy Wonka, leading to the following exchange, which was turned into a split screen...

A completely separate video that covers most of the same beats but includes written text over the video went viral on TikTok as well. There have also been a ton of comments on Twitter, and it’s not hard to see why. The exchange is really odd in its pacing, and the body language from the witness is very unusual. Plus, anytime Depp gives an outsized reaction, it’s going to race around social media given his star power and how invested people are in the trial.

Obviously, the social media clip above, however, is only telling a fraction of the story. It doesn’t even include the whole exchange on that particular topic. In fact, other users on Twitter who are more supportive of Amber Heard have cut another excerpt to question why Depp’s attorneys are asking an expert witness about Willy Wonka. I’d suggest watching the unedited five minute clip for more background and context so you can decide for yourself…

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were married between 2015 and 2017. Both testified during the trial and offered their own perspective of the crumbling relationship and how bad things got. Both have accused the other of awful things, allegations that have included domestic violence and drug abuse, among many others. They have off-and-on been in court suing each other in the time since, and fans haven’t been shy about sharing their opinions on all of it. 

Because these proceedings have been filmed, however, the level of conversation on this trial has escalated dramatically. At times those conversations have been around the serious allegations and the larger role society is playing in how we view abuse. Other times, these conversations have been about who pooped in the bed and how loudly a witness farted on the stand. As such, it should be no surprise this witness’ odd reaction went viral too. 

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