Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors Look Massive In Creed 3 Images

It’s been almost four years since Creed II continued the legacy of the Rocky franchise, spinning off into its own tale of sporting glory. The schedule of 2023 movie releases will finally see Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed return to the ring in the actor’s directorial debut, Creed III. Ahead of that film’s release next spring, we’ve gotten a look at some images of both Jordan and co-star Jonathan Majors, who are both looking massive as they sit waiting to touch gloves.

The official social media profiles for MGM and Prime Video teamed up on Instagram to show off two character posters for the latest entry in the franchise. Showing both Michael B. Jordan's character and his would-be antagonist in the Creed III cast sitting in separate corners, one simple message is shared as the tagline. Check out both posters to get the full picture: 

“You can’t run from your past.” That’s the sort of cryptic message that teases a pretty dark and dangerous path ahead for Creed III. As if the scenario wasn’t already perilous enough with Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis risking his life just by returning to boxing yet again. 

When we last left Adonis Creed in Creed II, his victory rematch against Viktor Drago saw him vindicated. That match came with a potential cost already built in, as the son of Apollo Creed stood a real chance of dying in the ring. Almost the entirety of the previous movie saw our hero building himself back up after a near fatal defeat, with the stakes riding pretty high. How this sequel will address Adonis and his comfort with returning to the ring is yet to be seen. 

“Danger” is probably a good word to describe what Jonathan Majors' character represents. The Internet has already been thirsting after Creed III’s new antagonist, but this first official look at his character, Anderson Dame, only reinforces why. The dude is built and looks hungry for victory behind a body built from trauma. It’s a familiar backstory, and one that sets up a rather imposing challenge. 

Whatever pitfalls await Adonis Creed in the ring, they obviously come from a place that the man who plays him is comfortable exploring. Creed III was apparently a perfect choice for Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut, and that probably wouldn’t be the case if he fundamentally disagreed with the story. Though some may be having Rocky V flashbacks at this point, it’s nothing a couple of awesome promo images can’t push away. 

Answers will probably start to arrive whenever Creed III releases its first trailer. As it stands, we're not sure when that'll take place, but we do know that the film is set to open in theaters on March 3, 2023. Meanwhile, Jonathan Majors fans can next see the actor in the upcoming movie Devotion, a Korean War aviation that debuts at the movies on November 23. 

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