Michael J. Fox On Back To The Future Co-Star Christopher Lloyd Being There For Him On His Parkinson’s Journey

Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown and Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in Back to the Future
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Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd formed a bond that has lasted four decades after meeting on the set of the first Back to the Future. Fox not being the original Marty McFly makes that relationship more remarkable (Eric Stoltz was cast in the role, and had to be replaced). Having a decades-long friendship has helped each actor through some tough times. Of course, their connection came into play when Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The Back to the Future star delved into all of the ways his co-star was there for him through Fox's Parkinson’s journey.

The beloved movie duo reunited at New York Comic-Con to celebrate the time-traveling franchise (via The A.V. Club). The former co-stars had nothing but praise for each other as Lloyd recalled the pair having “immediate chemistry.” That chemistry translated to their real-life friendship, as Fox has crusaded to help Parkinson’s research for decades. The Teen Wolf star mentioned that Lloyd and his fans have helped him to raise funds and awareness for his Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Parkinson’s is the gift that keeps on taking—but it’s a gift, and I wouldn’t change it for anything…People like Chris have been there a lot for me, and so many of you have. It’s not about what I have, it’s about what I’ve been given—the voice to get this done, and help people out.

It’s nice to know Lloyd still shows up for Fox decades later. Going through an illness as serious as Parkinson’s can overwhelming for anyone and Michael J. Fox has been candid about dark moments in the past. So, it's comforting to hear that the Addams Family star came through for his former co-star during a challenging time.

Luckily, the actor has his family, friends, and fans to lean on as he concentrates on his charity efforts following Fox's retirement from acting. Spending more than two decades pushing for Parkinson’s awareness has been his mission. The support of others helped him deal with the effects of his disease. That’s why the TV and film actor felt his illness was a gift and a curse.

Despite their amazing chemistry, Lloyd wasn’t always sure things with the Family Ties alum would work out after filming for weeks with original Marty, Eric Stoltz. Of course, Back to the Future became a success upon its release in 1985 (and still is a pop culture phenomenon). The film became a critical and commercial hit in the process. It spawned a multimedia franchise, including the sequels Back to the Future Part II and Part III, that extended the film’s legacy. Despite no new film in over three decades, the franchise is still going strong with fans today.

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