Scream 6 Has Been Moved Up, So Bring On Ghostface's Kills

Ghostface in Scream (2022)
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2022’s incredible year of horror all began in January with the first Scream movie in over a decade. After Ghostface returned with a vengeance and for a new generation, Scream 6 has been in production ahead of a March 31, 2023 release date. But the latest news about the next Scream installment is that it will come earlier than previously expected. 

Scream 6 is still part of the 2023 movie schedule, but now the movie will come out three weeks earlier, on March 10, 2023, per Paramount Pictures. At the same time, the studio also decided to shift the release date of Dungeons & Dragons down from March 3 to March 31, 2023. The good news is we won’t have to wait quite as long for Ghostface’s next rampage, but the shift isn’t anything major. 

March 2023 is actually a rather eventful month for movie releases. With these changes from Paramount in place, Scream 6 will go up against Adam Driver-led sci-fi film 65 on March 10. Then on March 17, DC’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods hits theaters. After that, John Wick: Chapter 4 is the major release for the weekend of March 24, along with the Florence Pugh drama A Good Person and Woody Harrelson's basketball comedy Champions coming out. 

The next Scream movie wrapped its production in Montréal, Canada in September after kicking things off in June. Scream 6 has a stacked cast featuring Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and the Carpenter sisters from the previous films, played by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, along with the Meeks-Martin siblings, played by Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown. Hayden Panettiere will reprise her role as Kirby Reed after being in the fourth Scream movie, alongside a ton of other exciting names. 

Notably missing from the Scream 6 lineup is Neve Campbell, who passed on starring in the movie due to what she was offered. The actress, who has become an icon over the years for being Sidney Prescott in every other installment in the franchise, previously shared that she felt “undervalued” by the offer presented to her, especially as the star of a 25-year blockbuster franchise. 

Scream 6 is being made by the same creative team behind 2022's Scream, i.e. directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, and writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick. The 2022 Scream movie was a massive success, reaching the 25 top-grossing movies of the year thus far along with critical and commercial praise. CinemaBlend’s own Scream review awarded the film a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

You can check out what else we know about Scream 6 here on CinemaBlend, as well follow along with all the upcoming horror movies coming our way to theaters and streaming next. 

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