Six Flags Is Temporarily Making One Of Its Rides Way Scarier And More Intense

Sky Screamer Go Big
(Image credit: Six Flags Fiesta Texas)

While Disney and Universal have largely cornered the market on the theme park experience, if what you’re looking for from your attractions is pure, adrenaline-pumping thrills, then there are a few other places you probably would prefer to go. One of these is Six Flags, which, throughout its many parks, has some of the most exciting rides and coasters around. But now Six Flags is upping the ante on one of its rides with some help from TBS and the Go Big Show.

Guests at Six Flags Fiesta Texas who want to go on the Sky Screamer will, for a limited time, have the chance to take those scream inducing thrills to another level. Noramally, the Sky Screamer is a traditional swing ride, where riders sit in chairs that swing around in a circle, at a height of 200 feet above the ground. However, through January 9, some of the chairs have been replaced by a harness, meaning you’ll ride in a “flying position,” with your chest down and your hands outstretched. You’ll feel like Superman.

This will certainly change the experience to make the Sky Screamer a lot more thrilling. While the ride puts guests pretty high in the air, since you’re sitting in a chair and strapped in, most people probably don’t see the ride as all that scary, especially if you’ve done it a few times. There are several Sky Screamers at different Six Flags parks around the country, and many similar attractions at other amusement parks around the country. 

However, by shifting to a harness, the entire experience changes. With just the harness you won’t really feel like you have the same security that the chair would give you. The easiest direction to look in will be down, which will push you to realize just how high in the air you actually are. 

For those looking for just a slightly added boost of thrill in their thrill ride, this sounds great, which I suppose is where the Go Big connection comes in. The TBS show is all about people trying to impress a panel of celebrity judges by doing things that are “big” and riding this would certainly qualify.

While the Fiesta Texas location of Six Flags is, unfortunately, the only one getting this special, limited-time Go Big upgrade, other Six Flags parks will be getting a little something extra as part of this promotion, in the form of a special Go Big funnel cake. Which, as the name implies, is like the classic version, but massive in size. Bring friends.

This certainly sounds like a fun new addition to a classic amusement park ride, and while it may be only temporary, if it’s popular, it seems likely we could see it return. Or we might see even more modifications to other rides to upgrade them into a more thrilling state. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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