The Best Gift Ideas For Twilight Fans

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella in Twilight
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Hold on tight, spider-monkey! The holidays are here and it’s time to ‘tis the Twilight season. Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire phenomenon are alive and biting, especially following the recent resurgence of the franchise in the past couple of years. So naturally, many of us will be on the hunt for gift ideas for the fellow Twilight fans in our lives (or treat ourselves). 

The Twilight fandom is a community and as such, it’s always really fun to share that love (maybe love-hate?) of the vampire franchise with the following gift ideas. Here are some of the best offerings the Twihard in your life will likely find some joy during the holidays. 

Midnight Sun book cover

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Midnight Sun Novel

The absolute must-read Twilight book that I’d give to a fan of the original series is Midnight Sun. The novel is Stephenie Meyer’s latest entry into the saga, and a long-awaited element fans have been waiting for for over a decade. The book was released last spring and retells the story of Twilight from Edward Cullen’s perspective. We all have busy lives and it’s possible a lot of fans have yet to read through it, so Midnight Sun is an especially thoughtful and timely gift. 

View Midnight Sun on Amazon

Twilight Scene It Game

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Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Game

One element of being a Twilight fan that many of us can relate to is watching it on repeat when it came out. Many of us lived and breathed Twilight, therefore making a trivia game the perfect gift to wrap up at a party and then play after it is unwrapped. The “Scene It?” games in of itself are incredibly nostalgic. Yes, you need a DVD player. I remember getting this game when I was younger and it’s an absolute blast to play. Now that Twilight is years old, it will be even more fun to reminisce on all the random elements of the series and Twilight fun facts still stuck in your head. 

View Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Game On Amazon

Alice's Choker, Twilight gift idea

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Alice Cullen’s Choker 

Let’s be honest here, when watching the Twilight saga many of us were not looking at Bella Swan for fashion inspiration. That honor belonged to Alice Cullen, Edward’s sister and the vampire who can see the future. In the spirit of our love for Alice, you can buy a pretty replica of the choker she wears. The necklace features the Cullen crest in the center and is a super simple piece of Twilight memorabilia to show off. 

View Alice’s Choker on Amazon

"this is the skin of a killer, bella" Twilight shirt with Robert Pattinson

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“Skin Of A Killer” Shirt 

The Twilight fandom has been the home of some meme fun over the years, so it’s also fun to give a funny gift like this to get other Twilight fans to laugh together and bond over the sometimes ridiculousness of the franchise. There’s an amazing custom shirt Etsy seller StefaniOfficial has crafted. It features a memorable picture of Robert Pattinson in a sweat suit being covered in sparkles as the quote “this is the skin of a killer, bella” reads from the top. It’s a fun, quirky pick and the shirt looks super comfy and fashionable.  

View The “Skin Of A Killer” Shirt On Etsy

Twilight saga 50pcs stickers, gift idea, Amazon

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Twilight Saga Sticker Pack

Now if you have a ton of Twilight fan friends this is the most economical gift idea ever. Get this 50 piece sticker pack and divide your stickers among your friends to add a little bit of Twilight sparkle to their holiday season. This sticker pack features a load of cute stickers from different elements of the movie, including memorable quotes. They can be used to spice up someone’s laptop, water bottle, skateboard, luggage, cars, etc, etc. You can basically fill a Twilight scrapbook with these. 

View the Twilight Saga Sticker Pack

Immortal Twilight Perfume for Women - The Official Fragrance of The Twilight Saga

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Immortal Twilight Perfume For Women 

Here’s another nostalgic pick. Back in 2011, the official Twilight fragrance came out and it’s still available to buy online. It’s called “Immortal Twilight” and comes in a pretty purple case and box that features Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Edward and Bella. Considering its a collectors item these days, it’s more expensive these days, but hardcore Twilight fans will appreciate this. The smell is described as a “deep and romantic floriental fragrance” and it has notes of citrus, wild chamomile, white freesia, peony, patchouli, amber and musk. 

View Immortal Twilight Perfume on Amazon

Dreamcatcher, Twilight gift idea, Team Jacob

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Dream Catcher 

I didn’t forget you, Team Jacob! If you or the person you’re giving a Twilight gift to stands by Bella and Jacob being the better pairing in the saga, they’ll love unwrapping this dreamcatcher modeled after the one Jacob Black gives Bella in New Moon for her 18th birthday. Dreamcatchers are traditional items Native Americans hang over their beds to serve as a protection for them as they sleep. Of course, if you can find a dreamcatcher that benefits a real Native American community, that’s even better. 

View Dreamcatcher on Amazon

Twilight coloring book, Edward coloring page

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Robert Pattinson Coloring Book 

For the more creative Twilight fans, Etsy store PaperlandOnlineStore made an entire coloring book that features pages of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen to color in. The book features 42 pages (10 different designs) that feature Edward and some of his famous quotes such as “What if I’m not the hero, what if I’m the bad guy?” or “It’s the flourescents.” This gift could also be the object of a fun and artsy night with Twilight friends. All you need is colored pencils. 

Buy the Robert Pattinson Coloring Book on Etsy

Twilight Saga, Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Boxed Set

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Twilight Saga: The Complete Saga Boxed Set 

But what would a Twilight fan be without some Twilight movies to watch over and over? This 10-disc blu-ray box set is a great choice for a big Twilight fan who wants to be able to revisit the movies forever. It’s an especially great gift idea because it features EVERY special feature created for all five films. We’re going to be on the couch all holiday season with this one.

View The Twilight Saga Boxed Set On Amazon

The Twilight Saga White Collection gift idea

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Twilight Saga White Collection Book Set

Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with going back to basics with the books that started it all. The entire Twilight saga. I know when I first read the Twilight books I checked them out from a library and then borrowed my friends’ copies. Many other fans have had that experience. If the Twilight fan in your life is without copies of the whole collection, this special “White Collection” is stylish and even features The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

View the Twilight Saga White Collection Book Set On Amazon

Happy Holidays from CinemaBlend and happy gift giving. 

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