Midnight Sun Is Here And Twilight Fans Are Living For It

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella in Twilight
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You hear that? Sounds like a big thunderstorm is coming and the Cullen’s are up to bat! Fans of the Twilight saga were shocked to learn a few months back that Stephenie Meyer had finally finished her fifth book Midnight Sun and today it's officially here. The book shifts the perspective over to Edward Cullen as he gets a whiff of the new girl in Forks Bella Swan and forms an unlikely romance with her.

Shortly after the book’s release this morning, fans have been coming out of the shadows after almost a decade of thirst to show their excitement for Midnight Sun. It was initially supposed to come out during the height of the franchise’s craze, but Meyer cancelled its release about a draft of the first twelve chapters leaked online. Looks to be a happy day. Check out this Twitter user’s update:

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That’s a sizable read! There’s gotta be a lot to bite into in the 672 page novel (that doesn’t quite beat Breaking Dawn’s 756 pages). The fan called holding the book “the best day of her life” and used a lot of “fucks” because words don’t matter today. Only Meyers about Edward.

Another fan decided to set the mood for the reading experience by throwing it back to some of the best songs from the Twilight movie’s soundtrack. Paramore’s “Decode”? Carter Burwell’s iconic “Bella’s Lullaby”? There’s no other way to read it:

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And speaking of Bella’s Lullaby, this fan set the eternal vibe for reading Midnight Sun with this TikTok:

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As one fan cracks open the novel, here’s how she hilariously surprised herself:

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Maybe the memory of Robert Pattinson’s involvement in the franchise stuck with her? The actor has moved on to arthouse films such as Good Time, The Lighthouse Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and the upcoming version of Batman. I mean he’s everywhere. Oh and Kristen Stewart is off kicking ass as one of Charlie's Angels and in the recent horror movie Underwater.

The intrigue of Midnight Sun is the fact that Edward Cullen can read minds and we’ll have new insight into not only his thoughts on people but how other characters think. One entertaining snippet of the book involves Edward hating on Mike Newton, a high schooler who also has the hots for Bella. Check it:

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It definitely sounds like the new Twilight book is an exciting read! Midnight Sun was released for the fans after all, and they are taking notice of her adorable dedication to them. Check out one of those posts below:

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Now that’s sweet. Are you planning on reading the new Twilight book this week? Think it will kickstart the addition of a Midnight Sun movie? Stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more news about all things Twilight.

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