The Menu: 5 Spoiler-Free Things To Know Before You See The Movie

Ralph Fiennes in The Menu
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When it comes to some of the most anticipated films of 2022, one that's been on my list is The Menu. From the moment the first trailer came out, I was intrigued by the idea that a movie about a simple tasting menu could be classified as horror, and yet, The Menu did that and more. As someone who has seen the movie, oh boy, is it something. 

But I’m not here to share my thoughts on the film. I’m here to tell you what to expect heading into The Menu, without revealing any spoilers. So for those who are heading to the theater this weekend or still deciding if you want to watch this 2022 movie release, here are five things you should know beforehand.

The Menu Is About A Couple Who Are Given A Unique Dining Experience

The film tells the story of Margot and Tyler, a young couple who gets the chance to eat at a remote island and have a several-course tasting meal from a famous celebrity chef, known as Julian Slowik. The meal focuses on molecular gastronomy – sort of infusing chemistry into the meal, and the dining experience itself is art. 

But as the night progresses, more secrets are revealed to the guests, creating havoc. This isn’t the first time that food has been the center of a film, as there are great examples such as Ratatouille, or even the 2014 film, Chef, but The Menu takes this premise to a whole other level that I don’t think anyone is quite prepared for. 

The Film Is Darkly Funny – With Its Horror Aspects Chilling To The Bone

Something I love is when horror films aren’t afraid to also be funny – it’s why I love horror comedies so much. But The Menu is on a different level of dark humor. It doesn’t need to really show off that it’s trying to be funny because the jokes that are said land within the context of the movie, and while they are certainly dark jokes, they will undoubtedly make you laugh. 

But that laugh will usually be followed up by a scene so, uh, intriguing in its horror aspects that you’ll want to turn your face away from the screen for a moment if you happen to be squeamish. The suspense is built up brilliantly, and the payoff is delicious in both its comedic delivery, and its horror moments. It’s the perfect blend of genres. It’s a very familiar kind of horror comedy, but it works better than a lot of other movies I have watched. 

The Menu Cast Includes Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy And Nicholas Hoult

Ralph Fiennes, known for many all-star roles, takes on the lead part of Julian Slowik, but there are plenty of other great leads. 

Margot and Tyler are played by the lovely Anya Taylor-Joy and the talented Nicholas Hoult, both giving performances of the year, in my opinion. They are joined by an all-star cast featuring the likes of John Leguizamo, Judith Light, Janet McTeer and many many more. Truly, this film's cast is stacked from the moment it starts to the moment it ends, and it doesn’t slow down for a moment with the acting performances that are delivered. 

The Menu Is Very Much Rated R – And Is Under Two Hours

Yeah, The Menu is not for kids. While I can see how certain horror comedies might be ok for some kids (like maybe Freaky or Shaun of the Dead), this one is not the one to take your children to. It’s a hard R for the mature content that is featured, but that just means that you’re going to get a really good horror experience. 

The film is also under two hours, so you won’t be sitting in the theater for a ridiculous amount of time like you probably will for some other movies... 

The Menu Is Directed By Mark Mylod, Known For Succession And Shameless

The last little bit of info is that The Menu is directed by Mark Mylod, who has been super influential in the television industry. He was a director of episodes and executive producer of both Succession and the popular Showtime series, Shameless, and has directed several other episodes in many other shows too. Some include Game of Thrones, Amazing Stories and more. 

It’s always cool to see exactly who is going to be directing horror films and looking at their background, and I think with his vast knowledge of many genres, The Menu is in good hands. 

What are you looking forward to the most about The Menu? It’s certainly going to be a unique movie-watching experience – you’ll almost wish you were a guest at this fancy dining experience…until everything changes, that is.  

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