Watch Ralph Fiennes' Creepiest Role Since Harry Potter's Voldemort In Trailer For New Horror Comedy The Menu

The great Ralph Fiennes has delivered more than a few exceptional performances in his time. From Schindler’s List’s Amon Göth to The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Monsieur Gustave H., he’s pretty much done it all. Of course, his most iconic (and sinister) character is arguably Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort (a gig that he almost passed on). Though his newest role in the horror comedy The Menu may seek to top that role when it comes to the creepy factor. Based on the new trailer, Fiennes seems to be (appropriately) sinking his teeth into this new part. 

Searchlight Pictures' The Menu sees Ralph Fiennes play the role of Chef Slowik, who runs a posh and exclusive eatery on a remote island. He and his staff specialize in molecular gastronomy-infused dishes that include “fat,” “salt” and “protein.” Apparently, they even include whole ecosystems (talk about fine dining). The guests seem to enjoy the meals at first, though they soon come to discover a more sinister side to the culinary expert and his highly obedient cooking staff. (I don’t know about all of you, but I’m smelling a cannibal story cooking.)

The Harry Potter alum is also joined by a number of other formidable actors, who play the guests that are visiting the eatery. Chief among them are Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicolas Hoult, who play Margot and Tyler, respectively. The young couple both have different feelings about their surroundings, with Taylor-Joy’s character (who seems to be the audience’s eyes and ears) expressing skepticism. Meanwhile, Hoult’s food connoisseur seems to be loving every minute of it and, based on the footage, he’ll provide most of the comedy within the proceedings. The film also includes notable names like John Leguizamo, Janet McTeer and Aimee Carrero. 

Ralph Fiennes seems to be a truly terrifying delight, remaining restrained but also intense. Slowik doesn’t seem to have the wildness of Voldemort (who can’t be played by anyone else but Fiennes). However, if his entire performance works, this character could end up being a top modern horror villain

If the film does indeed go the cannibal route, the Mark Mylod-directed film (penned by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy) would join Sebastian Stan’s horror comedy Fresh, which released earlier this year. Interestingly enough, that film was also distributed by Searchlight Pictures and like this movie, was produced by Adam McKay. It seems the studio and producer are looking to serve up some pretty delectably scary stories for viewers. Honestly, given their stories, both movies would probably make for interesting date night horror features.

The Menu certainly totes a promising premise and a skilled cast headed by Ralph Fiennes. We’ll see if the filmmakers were able to craft something just as precise and delicious as Chef Slowik and his colleagues. And if you’re ready to bet on whether Fiennes’ performance will top his work as Voldemort, now is the time to place them.

The Menu is set to be released on November 18. Be sure to keep track of it and other new movie releases via CinemaBlend’s schedule.

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