The Next Saw Movie Will See The Return Of A Classic Character, And I’ve Got Questions

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The Saw franchise, like many horror franchises that came before it, has proved to be unkillable as the homicidal maniacs that are often at the center of the films. While the Saw movies have been a bit different in that regard, the franchise is still kicking. Saw X is moving forward and so is Tobin Bell, as the man who played John Kramer in eight of the nine previous films, is now set to reprise his role in the next movie, despite the fact the character died in the third installment. So how is that going to work this time?

Today Lionsgate confirmed that Tobin Bell will be back in the forthcoming Saw X, which is, at the same time, the most and least surprising news coming out of the project. Despite the fact that John Kramer/Jigsaw, died in Saw III, Kramer found his way into every other film in the franchise until the most recent spinoff, Spiral: From the Book of Saw

The Next Saw movie was first rumored before Spiral even hit theaters, and when Saw X was officially confirmed earlier this year, it was announced that Kevin Greutert, who previously directed the two entries in the franchise before Spiral, would be back as director. Which at least gave the impression that the next Saw movie will be something more like the rest of the franchise than Spiral

Spiral's ending left the door open to sequels so it's possible the new film could pick up from there but what seems more likely is a movie that is either set prior to Spiral, or that just ignores it. Instead, we could see a movie that follows the events of Jigsaw, where another of Jigsaw's disciples hunts the unworthy to live.  

The last film where Tobin Bell appeared, 2017’s Jigsaw actually had one of the larger parts for the character of John Kramer, seemingly back from the dead, and running another game where lots of people died. In the end, however, we learned that the portions of the film with Kramer in them were taking place in the past compared to the rest of the film. 

Pulling that trick again probably won’t work, so how John Kramer could possibly be brought into this new movie as a character we’ll see on screen is the big question, though he could certainly have a small role and only appear in flashbacks. Having said that the Saw movies have been creative not only in the ways they have murdered dozens of people, but also in the way the Saw films have continuously retconned the story to deepen the backstory, so anything is possible. 

Whatever the next Saw film has in store for fans, those fans will probably be quite excited about whatever is coming now that we know Jigsaw himself will be back. Saw X is set to open in theaters October 27, 2023. 

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