Vin Diesel Hypes Fast X’s Trailer With Jason Momoa Set Photo

Vin Diesel toting a shotgun in F9, and Jason Momoa wading in the water in Justice League, pictured side-by-side.
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If you’re keeping a watchful eye on the 2023 movie releases, you know that Fast X is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Continuing where F9 left off, Vin Diesel and his family of comic reliefs, sweethearts, and anti-heroes are getting closer to the finish line set with Fast and Furious 11’s eventual conclusion. Now, with only two weeks until the first trailer for the tenth movie arrives, Diesel has taken another opportunity to hype the future, this time with an awesome set photo featuring Jason Momoa

Using his personal Instagram to rev the crowd’s engines, the Fast Saga star posted a fun teaser image from the upcoming movie with Jason Momoa. Bro’ing out on set with Momoa, who we know is playing one of the heavies of Fast X, this moment is yet another instance of on-set bonding teasing the eventual conflict ahead. 

Previously Vin Diesel started the clock on the Fast X trailer countdown with a touching photo featuring his Fast Saga sister Jordana Brewster. Both sides of the coin are now represented, as Dominic Toretto has been spotted with both an ally and an antagonist in the run-up to whatever our first glimpse of footage may contain. Also, based on this post we know we're in for a wild ride, as the lead actor teased just how "intense" this scene with Momoa will be. 

Though knowing the Fast franchise, there’s a good chance that fist bump just might be a third-act face-turn for yet another antagonist just waiting to become family. Whatever we’re about to see in the near future, it’s got to be big. To get Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel on a set together is a large enough occasion that needs some flash to introduce it to the world. 

Add on the extra pressure of Fast X allegedly costing a fortune, there's no telling what sort of teases will be dropped in that first trailer. Roman and Tej colonizing Mars sounds like a fun outlandish step for the potential future to me, especially when Vin Diesel has hinted that the Fast franchise doesn’t need to end after the potential conclusion of the Toretto saga. 

Everything we know about Fast X is about to become a bit clearer, with our first huge upgrade of knowledge on the horizon. Will we see Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel square off for the first time? Could Charlize Theron’s Cipher pop up to spout some ominous threats? Is Deckard Shaw officially family? Anything can happen, and our penultimate adventure in the Fast Saga is a little over 100 days away from arriving

The Fast X trailer is premiering in just under two weeks, kicking off the last leg before the movie’s May 19 theatrical debut. If you want to catch up with the latest drama in the Toretto family, you can revisit several of the Fast Saga films through streaming. The most recent installment, F9, is currently available for those with an HBO Max subscription

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