Was Daniel Craig Born To Play James Bond? History Seems To Suggest So

Daniel Craig wearing sunglasses as James Bond in No Time to Die as James Bond
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If you’re born to do something, the signs are usually there from the beginning. At times, it has felt like Daniel Craig was born to play 007, which is a question that would have come up as today is, indeed, his birthday. Surprisingly, a key moment in the history of James Bond movies seems to suggest that Craig’s destiny always had him heading toward the tuxedo. 

Daniel Craig wearing tuxedo in Casino Royale

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Happy Birthday, Daniel Craig!

Highlighting the occasion of the birthday Bond, the official 007 Instagram account showcased a clip reel of Daniel Craig highlights. As No Time To Die has closed out the most recent era of James Bond, it’s bittersweet to see the entire five-film run flash before our eyes. Of course, this very up-to-date look back chose what’s possibly the best image to wrap up on, as you can see for yourself below:

Celebrating his 54th birthday today, it’s even wilder to consider that Daniel Craig was born only six years after Sean Connery’s James Bond kicked things off. If it wasn’t for Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson’s faith in Craig’s abilities as a leading man, who knows what James Bond history would have looked like? Which is even crazier, as today’s another red letter day in 007 history that helped determine the fate of the franchise. 

Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No

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The Historic James Bond Moment That Also Happened On Daniel Craig’s Birthday

60 years ago, on this very day at Pinewood Studios, a replica of the Les Ambassadeurs Club helped introduce us to James Bond himself. With Sir Sean Connery sitting at a card table, wearing the first tuxedo that’d usher in a key look in James Bond history, he introduced us all to the cinematic incarnation of this iconic spy for the first time: 

It may have been a surprise to the world at the time, but after Dr. No landed its memorable first punch for history, Commander Bond became a constant at the movies. One cannot understate how important that first introduction was, as every other actor in the role would have their own iconic moments with the line. By the time Daniel Craig had to utter the phrase, timing truly was everything. Lucky for him, it all fell into place rather naturally, and the rest was history. 

To have Daniel Craig be born on the same day that Sean Connery first said “Bond, James Bond” feels too good to be a coincidence. Which returns us to the question of whether or not the actor was born to play the role of 007. Looking back on the Craig era and how the impact of his Casino Royale debut set the stage ahead, I’d dare anyone to argue otherwise. 

Before you put together such a case, it's highly recommended that you revisit Daniel Craig's James Bond run for yourself. As luck would have it, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are still on the Netflix library, with other Craig entries scattered onto other platforms. Meanwhile, No Time To Die is available for rental or purchase, in both physical and digital media. For all other inquiries about 2022 movie releases, that information can be found if you know where to look. 

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