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Watch Disneyland's Spider-Man Animatronic Hilariously Crash In Viral TikTok Creation

The newest addition to Disneyland Resort, Avengers Campus, has a lot of impressive entertainment. Live shows are a big part of the new land, as the likes of Black Widow, Doctor Strange, and the Dora Milaje can be regularly seen throughout the area. However, the most impressive thing is probably the Spider-Man animatronic that flies through the air. A new viral video on TikTok is showing what it might look like if the stunt went terribly wrong, and it’s pretty damn funny, 

The video comes from the @lainbuii TikTok account which is full of cool digital video creations, so to be clear what you’re about to see did not really happen at Disney California Adventure. But that doesn’t make Spider-Man crashing into a wall any less funny. The video shows the animatronic stunt where Spider-Man flies through the air above Avengers Campus, but he doesn’t get the clearance he needs and completely eats it.  


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To be sure, the video is really well done. It’s authenticity has fooled more than a few online as it’s difficult to tell from a visual inspection that anything is out of the ordinary. If you are scrolling through TikTok or Twitter and watch this with the sound off, you could easily think it was real.

The addition of the audio, hearing Spider-Man scream “my back,” as if Disneyland had dialogue recorded for a crash, is the most obvious sign that this isn’t actually legit. That and the fact that the crowd walking by doesn’t react at all to this out of the ordinary occurrence. 

The Spider-Man show happens several times a day on the roof of the building that houses the Web-Slingers attraction. A live actor in a Spider-Man costume comes out and does some simple acrobatics before disappearing to be replaced by the animatronic who “swings” from one end of the building to the other. Then the live actor returns to climb down the wall to the ground and take pictures with guests. 

Part of the reason this is so funny, in a terrible way, is that it has to be a worst case scenario for Imagineering and Disneyland. There are likely a number of fail safes in place to prevent exactly this from happening, because the massive robotic structure crashing into a wall would probably be a very expensive accident. The only time we’ve seen the flying stunt not work is when some sort of technical difficulty, or possibly high winds, prevent it from happening at all. Still, if there was some sort of unexpected failure in the launch mechanism during a show, something like this could technically happen. Unfortunately, if it did, we night not see the show for a while. This animatronic is a new creation and it's unclear how many of them even exist. 

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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