We’ve Reached The Fart Joke Era Of Will Smith’s Return To Social Media

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After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars back in March, the Men in Black actor took a hiatus from social media for several months. But by the end of July, Smith made his return to the social media scene, and since the following month, he’s been posting fairly frequently on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Well, with Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving just a couple weeks away, we’ve officially reached the fart joke era of Smith’s social media return.

Looking to Will Smith’s Instagram page, you’ll find a video he posted that simply has “Sorry” written in the caption. Why is he apologizing? Well, you’ll have to just watch the video for yourself.

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I think we can all agree that farting on an airplane/helicopter/any kind of aircraft is one of the worst places to pass gas. Such confined spaces have poor ventilation, and it’s especially bad if you’re not the person who performed the bodily function, but are simply near the offender. In this case, Smith was accompanied by his sons, Trey and Jaden, and I don’t envy them whatsoever in for being in that situation.

Now Will Smith could have just not acknowledged it the fart at all, considering how many times he apologized for it, it’s probably safe to assume that he didn’t just fart “a little bit.” So the Hollywood star surely felt it was best to just fess up and diffuse any awkward tension… although repeatedly saying “sorry” pretty much spawned a different kind of awkward moment. All of this was captured by filmmaker Aidan Tanner, although it’s unclear what kind of project he, Smith and the actor’s sons are working on.

Will Smith may have gotten the fart joke out of his system, but who knows what other kind of weirdness he may post on his social media channels going forward. Regardless, the actor has been back in the news for a while now after laying low following his controversial action at the Oscars. Even though it’s been more than half a year since the world witnessed Smith striking Chris Rock on live television, the event is still frequently discussed. The View went so far as to craft a child’s Halloween costume for it, and Smith himself shared that Floyd Mayweather called him for 10 days straight after the slap.

As far as what Will Smith has coming up professionally, his next movie is Emancipation, which Apple TV+ subscribers will be able to stream starting on December 9. However, a handful of lucky individuals have already seen Emancipation thanks to screenings personally held by Smith, including a particularly star-studded affair he held at his house and another he set up for the LA Lakers. Smith is also still set to re-team with Martin Lawrence on Bad Boys 4, but there’s still no word on when that project will move forward.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more news about Will Smith, including if he releases a video titled Fart 2: He Who Smelt It Must Have Dealt It. You can keep track of what movies besides Emancipation are arriving in the near future with our 2022 release schedule and 2023 release schedule.

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