That damn bird is just full of information. Rainn Wilson has been tweetin’ away about a new project he’s working on with Slither’s James Gunn. According to his twitter post, the duo is taking their “f’d up low rent watchmen” piece to “indie producers.”

Just as fascinating as this new Twittering craze is the concept behind the script. It’s pretty obvious that their film won’t be dark like Watchmen or The Dark Knight. Perhaps it could be more along the lines of a spoof film, like Not Another Teen Movie and the Scary Movie series. Some have suggested that Gunn may be looking to remake his 2000 film The Specials. I don’t quite know if Gunn should go along the reboot lines, considering the film didn’t get the greatest reception - except for a small group of hardcore fans - but rather just reuse the concept of the film. Take the idea of a team of misfit superheroes with personal problems, give them a new storyline to work with and throw in some hot young actors in awesome outfits and there could be box office gold in Gunn’s future.

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