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Everybody seems to have their typecast these days. Kevin Costner has to do a baseball story at least every other film, Liam Neeson seems stuck in the older, wiser-than-thou mentor roles and no matter what kind of movie he makes, Josh Whedon will always be the guy who created Buffy.

Now Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman are returning to their favorite roles in their next movie, Miramax's An Unfinished Life. Robert Redford, loathe to film something that isn't set in or around Wyoming, plays an emotionally destroyed ranchman and Freeman plays - you guessed it - the entrusted, advice-doling best friend.

The trailer doesn't quite reek of the same kind of Oscar mugging we've come to expect from other Hollywood seniors (*cough* ClintEastwood *cough*) but instead has a "feel good" film aura.

Redford plays Einar, an aging rancher who is quagmired in despair since the premature and somewhat questionable death of his son. His best friend Mitch (yeah, Freeman) is the only person with whom he can relate anymore. Einar may be losing touch with his soul, but not his cowboy chivalry. He still has time to rescue local waitresses from harrassment by smacking around the local hillbilly punks with coffee carafes.

Einar and Mitch's quiet and emotionally unbalanced existence is uprooted when Einar's estranged daughter-in-law Jean (played by Jennifer Lopez) turns up with a little surprise: the grandaughter Einar never knew he had. The plot thickens from there when it turns out Jean is on the run from an abusive boyfriend. As our own Matt Norris will attest, principled men with shovels and shotguns, combined with abusive boyfriends makes for at least one good fight scene. It may be the only thing that keeps An Unfinished Life from teetering into chick-flickdom.

This looks like the first solid post-summer date movie of the year. If nothing else, the trailer shows that the film has a good heart and some funny moments. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the link below to watch the trailer. An Unfinished Life hits theaters September 9.


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