You'd think the floptastic 'Alien vs Predator' would've been all the warning sign Fox needed. But this is Fox after all, who seem to have taken over the mantle of 'stupid executive decisions' from Warner Brothers who have cleaned up their act of late, what with successfully re-railing of Batman and Superman.

It's probably those successes that blinded Fox to the pooch-screw that was AVP, as a new rumor has emerged over at Moviehole which I swear to every God in every religion the world over better be just that: a baseless rumor.

The rumor is this: A Predator remake.

Yes, let that sink in. A remake of one of the best action movies of the 80s. A remake of what, to this day, is still one of the best action movies of all time.

It gets worse. Fox is supposedly courting WWE flavor of the month John Cena to take over the Arnold mantle, and is asking John McTiernan to abandon the sequel he is developing to 'The Thomas Crown Affair' to direct the remake. That's right, they want the director of the original to direct a remake of one of the best two movies of his career (Die Hard in case you're wondering about the other).

If this isn't possibly the worst, most ill-fated train-wreck in waiting I don't know what is. It utterly re-defines the redundancy and death of original ideas within Hollywood. You want to know what's killing your damn box-office Hollywood, congratulations, every single reason for your box office slump is contained within this one story.

When Predator started out its life, Jean-Claude Van Damme wore a blue-screen suit to play a 5' 4" alien who was to be digitally inserted 80s style in post-production and looked nothing like the iconic Stan Winston alien we have inherited today. I have nightmares that the remake will end up exactly as Predator started out - a disaster waiting to happen, only with the track-records of remakes over the last five years married with the details of this project, there is very very little chance of it turning into the happy accident that the original became.

If John McTiernan has any sense he'll tell them where to stick it as it would be his worst career move since Rollerball, ironically another flop remake of a good movie. John Cena is a wrestler, therefore begets any common sense, and is probably clamouring for any project that will give him a movie career, so who cares what he does. One thing's for sure though, jorts definitely aren't the most practical or comfortable choice of clothing for military ops in the Cambodian jungle.

I just pray this never becomes more than rumor, after all the original source was a wrestling magazine. But if it's true, it's no wonder Alex Proyas has sworn never to work for Fox again.

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