While we're all sick to death of the not-so-younger cradle-snatching Michael and his glamor-pus wife spending more time suing gossip rags than doing any actual acting these days, it's worth remembering that it is Mr Douglas's father, Kirk, who has a more deserved place in Hollywood's history.

Many would have assumed that the 89 year old actor would have chosen retirement after a difficult few years under the ravages of a debilitating stroke and injuries sustained in a helicopter crash. But you can't keep an old dog down, as the new trailer for indie movie Illusion shows.

In Illusion, Douglas plays a once successful golden era movie director Douglas Baines, who now nears death. His one regret in life is that he never got to know the son he abandoned nearly 30 years ago. After failing in all attempts to track him down, he turns to a mystic who offers him three visions of his son's life under the guise of parts of a "movie" of his son's life. But when these visions take a dark turn, Baines learns the surprising truth about himself, his son and the visions he is being shown.

The trailer for Illusion is interesting. It's great to see that despite all he's been through, Douglas has lost nothing. As for the movie itself, it seems to be a bizarre twist on the idea of the Robin Williams flop The Final Cut. I'm both interested to see it and worried that it too may promise more potential than it can deliver.

To watch the trailer for Illusion, click here.

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