SciFMagazine has printed an interview with Marvel producer Avi Arad about all things comic and he had something interesting and worrying to say about the much-delayed but still upcoming "sequel" to Ang Lee's Hulk.

When talking about Marvel's film-making plans now that they are free from studio interference, Arad had the following comment when questioned about the new Hulk movie being recast;

"A lot of people are looking forward to the comic book version of the HULK. That’s the one we are making, and I think it will be incredibly satisfying. It will be big and awesome and a big ride. It’s a “do-over”. I loved the HULK movie, it was just a different approach, and it wasn’t exactly the comic. We want to be much closer to the comic. It’s what we would rather do."

Now bear in mind that this new Hulk will be created by the newly independent Marvel film department and not affiliated to Fox who were behind Ang Lee's much maligned but not-bad-aside-from-the-awful-climax movie. Arad is very specific to say that it's a "do-over". Also I don't know the specifics but I would assume that Fox still retains true sequel rights to the original movie, which would explain both the total recasting and the attitude of do-over.

The truth behind this will no doubt become clear in time however this might just qualify as the quickest turnaround time for a remake ever.

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