The debate over who is the greatest James Bond of all time will rage on forever unanswered. Die-hards will declare that Sean Connery deserves the honor, hipsters will insist either Pierce Brosnan or Timothy Dalton need to be considered, while downright morons will side with Roger Moore. (See?)

It’s the kind of argument that used to spark riotous arguments and bouts of fisticuffs between cinephiles. Used to being the operative words in that sentence. Because, for now, that debate is well and truly over, and Daniel Craig has come out victorious. With Spectre Daniel Craig has solidified his position as the greatest James Bond of all time. Why? Well, I’ve made a handy guide that outlines my stance, which you can glance through below. Read it. Disagree. And then let us know who you think should come out on top in the comments. And take our poll in the end!

He Brought James Bond Into The 21st Century
It’s easy to forget how antiquated the James Bond franchise was when Daniel Craig was cast. Pierce Brosnan’s Bond started magnificently with Goldeneye, but then it slid into a mediocre abyss, while his last film as Bond, Die Another Day, was roundly chastised for simply being awful. To compound matters, the emergence of moral spies like Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne, Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt and Frankie Muniz’s Cody Banks (kidding!) made Bond look even more irrelevant following the end of the Cold War. Daniel Craig rectified all that. Casino Royale rebooted the character, giving us a back-story that provided credence for his cold, heartless ways, as well an emotional depth that had hardly been seen before.

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