With May 28th, 2018 set as the release date for the as of yet untitled Han Solo spinoff film, the casting machine is in full force. Out of the ridiculous amount of actors Disney has seen test for the role, there are 10 that stick out to us as either decent prospects, or just outright pipe dreams.

Indeed, for every easy fit you read on this list, there’s an untested or unbelievable candidate to match them. Bear in mind, the producers are looking for an actor in their late teens / early 20’s to take the role, so with that said here’s our shortlist of notable names looking to shoot first in the Star Wars casting game.

Dave Franco
Previous Projects: Superbad, 21 Jump Street, Now You See Me, Unfinished Business

Would It Work: Unlikely. For starters, Dave Franco is too recognizable as that goofball you’ve seen in many a comedy. With his resume being built mostly on frat comedies, he’s obviously got the funnier aspects of Solo down to a science. Sadly, Franco is still a mostly untested quantity when it comes to his skills in a more serious performance, which is an equally important component to the character’s skill set. Were this project delayed a year or two, he might have time to make up lost ground, but for now we’d say that this casting wouldn’t work.

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