The members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association do not vote for the Academy Awards. But that doesn’t mean that the movies and talent they single out – and the momentum created by both the Golden Globes and subsequent awards groups – doesn’t help (or hinder) an Oscar campaign as the season drags on and on. Scanning today’s list of Golden Globes nominees, you can see trends continue to develop as we maneuver our way through this year’s active Oscar field. The Golden Globes nominations tell us a lot about where certain pictures fall as the awards season starts to shift into a higher gear.

What do we think we know about several ongoing Oscar campaigns in the wake of this morning’s Golden Globes nominations? Let’s go over some of the juicier points.

Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken took a hit
On paper, Angelina Jolie’s biopic on former Olympian and World War II hero Louis Zamperini looks like awards bait. You have an A-list actress behind the camera, tackling Oscar-tailored historical material, with a wealth of talent in all the skill positions. But Unbroken was completely shut out this morning, earning zero Golden Globes nominations. When you factor in the HFPA’s tendency to nominate films just to get A-list stars to their show (ahem, like they did with Jolie’s The Tourist), this omission sends a loud message about the awards fates of Unbroken. Could it still get Oscar noms? Of course, but this morning didn’t help.

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