Ride Along 3: Where The Comedy Series Should Go Next

Following the release of Ride Along in 2014, the key players didn’t waste any time getting to work on a sequel. With the original comedy being a January hit, not even a full year went by before production began on Ride Along 2. Of course, this begs the question – if Ride Along 2 is a hit, what will happen with Ride Along 3? Well, director Tim Story, producer Will Packer, and stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have a vision for the third chapter, and it involves heading into international waters.

I had the opportunity to sit down with all four gentlemen last week when I flew down to Miami, Florida for the Ride Along 2 press day, and it was at the end of each interview that I brought up the subject of a potential Ride Along 3. First talking with Tim Story and Will Packer together, they pitched the idea of taking the buddy duo of James Payton and Ben Barber overseas. Said Story,

Got to go to another country. That’s my only thing. Gotta go to another country. To put these two guys in a world they are not familiar with would be awesome.

Hearing this, Will Packer didn’t waste any time starting to pitch potential locations in which Ride Along 3 would be set… though his choices weren’t exactly what you would call conventional:

Greenland. Something with a –land at the end of it. It’s sexy, right? And big, and fun. Yugoslavia! Nobody would see that coming.

Much like his fellow producer, Ice Cube also immediately started throwing out exotic locations for Ride Along 3 though his choices were a bit more traditional, including Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the French Riviera, and Maui, Hawaii. Sitting with his co-star, Kevin Hart agreed, but also looked at the sequel from a business perspective as well, and the chance to reach an even larger audience with the comedy. He explained,

At the end of the day we want the movie accepted on a worldwide level. And the fact that we’re…

You can watch Tim Story, Will Packer, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart talk about Ride Along 3 in the video below – which also includes some ideas on how to get Cube’s character over his flying phobia.

Of course, Ride Along 3 will only happen if people go see Ride Along 2 - so if you want to see it happen, you may want to head out and purchase a ticket.

Eric Eisenberg
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