In the current ongoing stream of DC and Marvel superhero movies, we tend to forget about the comic book movies that stand alone, away from the superhero sensation. These movies, while much smaller in size, still complete incredible feats in bringing graphic novels and comic books to the big screen for their fans and new viewers. Ranging in style and visual adaptations, these comic book movies take a story that once had visual aid and bring it even further to life.

While some films attempt to recreate a comic book as a feature length film, it comes as somewhat of an art. There’s no simple way of pulling one from another, but there are examples of this impressive transition. Whether it be a complete reproduction of the comic book, or a more loose translation, comic books have inspired a number of different filmmakers, and have gained entirely new audiences through their adaptation to film. So here we praise the 10 greatest comic book movies, not about superheroes.

American Splendor
Based partly off of Harvey Pekar’s comic book series American Splendor, the film of the same name takes a look into the life of the comic book writer portrayed by Paul Giamatti. Pekar’s American Splendor comic book series is a visual representation of himself and his own life. It explores what he thinks in common day-to-day tasks, and even brings mention of many of the people in his normal life.

What American Splendor the film did so successfully was bring aspects of the comic book into the storytelling of the movie combined with appearances from Harvey Pekar himself and the characters his stories include. It shows the struggles of becoming and maintaining a life as a comic book writer. The film even received a deserved Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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