SPOILER WARNING: The following feature contains some major spoilers for Jurassic World. If you haven’t seen it yet, return to the Visitor’s Center, take the next ferry out, and get to your local movie theater. Bookmark this page for future reading, and come back after you’ve enjoyed the wonder.

When you think about it, Jurassic World is much like the circus: it’s a fun place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to be around when the cages are open and the fences are down. There are far too many dangerous, fast, and/or gigantic creatures running around, and, as seen in Jurassic World they aren’t too good around humans. But which of the dinosaurs is really the king in the walls of the park?

As the sun has set on another disastrous attempt to make a Tyrannosaurus rex into the next Mickey Mouse, it’s pretty clear where these beasts all fit in the pecking order. Judging by their actions, attributes, and even their level of respect in the park, these beasts are ready to be ranked! Join us now as we return to Isla Nublar for some post Jurassic World commentary, and find out which dinosaur truly rules the roost in the park.

10. Apatosaurus
A beautiful, gentle giant of Jurassic World, the Apatosaurus is one of the biggest dinosaurs in the park. Its size is its only advantage over the competition, but as we’ve seen in the film it’s no match for a vicious predator such as the Indominus rex (at least partially because it’s a herbivore, not a carnivore). Any challenger big enough or fast enough to outwit the Apatosaurus could take it down and devour it at its own pace. She might not be fast food, but she’s certainly a buffet or an appetizer to the right dino. At the same time, would you really want to be stepped on by one of these guys?

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