10 Pitch Perfect Lines We're Still Quoting Today

Some of you might have avoided Pitch Perfect when it was first released, dismissing it as a cynical attempt to tap into Glee’s popularity. But if you did that, then not only were you horrendously wrong with your assumption, but you also missed out on one of the funniest comedies of recent years. You’re just lucky that it grossed $113 million, and now we’re set to be privy to a sequel.

Hopefully by this point you've admitted the error of your ways and you're more than aware of Pitch Perfect’s wit and uplifting aura, which resulted in it being a cinematic delight that all the family can enjoy in unison. The main reason for this success deserves to be laid at the door of Kay Cannon, the writer of Pitch Perfect who -- having honed her craft on the likes of 30 Rock and New Girl -- was able to adjust her voice for cinematic confines with ease.

Of course, it also helps that Pitch Perfect is populated with a vast array of hugely talented comedic actors, each of which elevate the movie with their mere presence. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins deliver Cannon’s lines in lucid and emphatic fashion. But what are the most quotable quips from Pitch Perfect? There’s plenty to choose from. Here are 10 lines that you should all instantly memorize, to keep you entertained in a quiet moment.


Prefixing a bunch of words with "aca" really shouldn't be so funny. But it speaks volumes of Pitch Perfect's warm aura and adorable characters that it can get away with layering its script with the likes of "Aca-Believe" and "Aca-Scuse" me, and still be so popular. Just don't try saying these in public. Because you'll instantly be labelled as a crazy person. Trust me.

"Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sounds like a boy."

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins’ commentators immediately help to set the comedic tone and sensibility of Pitch Perfect with their biting remarks. Yes, it makes absolutely zero sense why there would be commentators speaking through a singing contest. But when they’re parting with barbs like the one above, who cares? FYI: Elizabeth Banks has moved onto directing duties for Pitch Perfect 2. Hopefully this won't affect her screen time, though.

"The smell of your weird is totally affecting my vocal chords."

Pitch Perfect is full of delightful and cutting insults that would instantly leave you whimpering in the fetal position if they were thrown your way. In fact, the above was actually given by Bumper Allen (Adam DeVine) to Benji Applebaum (Ben Platt) in response to a wave of acclaim. Dude, learn how to take a compliment? I wonder if these two will get along better in the sequel?

"Well, sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, ‘Mmm, better not.’"

Listen, we’ve all felt the cruel, harsh pain of rejection. Some people like to try and put you down slowly. Others take great pleasure in meticulously pointing out your weaknesses. And Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson)? Well, she decided to compare Bumper Allen to crystal meth. Harsh. But since it's heavily suggested that the pair actually hooked up at some point in Pitch Perfect, it’s actually a sensational seduction technique. Treat them mean, keep them keen.

"Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters."

Rebel Wilson’s career truly went into overdrive because of her scintillating, scene-stealing performance as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. However, the fat shtick does wear a little thin as the film drags on. However, Kay Cannon saves the most heartfelt and amusing line for last, as just before the Bellas take to the stage for the National Championship Finals, Fat Amy explains just how much the posse means to her… while at the same time reminding them that she’s fat.

"I can see your toner through those jeans."

Pitch Perfect is stuffed to the brim with puns. There's Fat Amy's "lesbi-honest" gag, while wer're informed that Gail Abernathy-McKadden's acapella group was called The Minstrel Cycles. But Aubrey’s above term for a musical boner is the pick of the bunch. Which is especially surprising when you consider how much of a turd her character is.

"Well, at least it’s not herpes. Or do you have that as well?"

Another example of Rebel Wilson crushing it. After Chloe Beale (Brittany Snow) discloses that she has nodes, the rest of the gang are completely shocked by her admission. But Fat Amy has the wherewithal to put it all into context. And she’s right, it really would have been worse if she had herpes, as well.

"So, you know German. Now I know why you don’t like fun things."

Stereotype humor? Check. A swift, brutal dig at the Germans? Double check. Really, there’s no reason why everyone in the world can’t take great joy in this gag, especially as it comes at the tail end of a sweet Star Wars diss! Except if, you know, you are actually Germany. Then you just probably thought that it was the wurst.

"Don't Put Me Down For Cardio"

Yet another Fat Amy classic. In fact, this entire list could have easily been filled with lines that came straight out of Rebel Wilson’s mouth in Pitch Perfect. After being told that she needs to be in tip-top shape in order to be a Bella, Fat Amy explains that cardio just isn't her thing before later introducing the world to horizontal running too. What a woman.

"I ate my twin in the womb."

Each one of Lily Onakuramara’s (Hana Mae Lee) lines is barely audible. But if you listen closely, there is actually dialogue there. And they're all gems, too. Not only does she reveal the above to the unaware Bellas, but she also defiantly, but incoherently, states, "I set fires to feel joy," and "Hello, my name is Lily, and I was born with gills like a fish." It’s subtle humor, and proof that Pitch Perfect is wonderfully layered and continues to thrive with each additional viewing. Fingers crossed that Pitch Perfect 2 can match.

Gregory Wakeman