American Ultra
There Is An Absolutely Crazy Action Sequence In A Supermarket
Press set visits are usually timed so that we can see some cool footage being filmed, and American Ultra delivered in a big way. The scene we watched the cast and crew shoot was a very over-the-top action sequence that saw Jesse Eisenberg’s Mike killing a whole lotta dudes in a supermarket.

Beginning shortly after Mike has crashed a Humvee into the fictional "Max Goods," the scene begins with our hero taking cover and calling out to the bad guys to give up his girlfriend "and go home… to your homes." Unfortunately, the agents roaming the aisles don’t respond to this offer, and instead attack. This forces Mike into action, but it’s an interesting situation because he’s unarmed. Thus, he has to defend himself only with what’s available, leading him to smash heads on light bulb displays, beat people with frying pans, and stab guys with a makeup pen.

The "gunfire" ringing through the building during filming was easily one of the loudest sounds I have ever heard, but it didn’t distract from the awesomeness of the action. And full credit goes to Eisenberg, who performed the heavily choreographed scene himself.

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