It’s been almost eight full years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Iron Man, and since then we’ve been introduced to a variety of heroes and villains. Whether it’s heavy hitters like Thor and Captain America, or less famous characters like Vision or the Guardians of the Galaxy, both comic book fans and regular moviegoers are meeting a unique mix of players, and the roster is only going to keep growing in Phase Three and beyond. Unfortunately, not everyone can partake in the big screen festivities.

Despite Marvel’s gigantic library of characters, there’s a fairly large number of characters who we’re unlikely to see on the big screen in this world. This could be due to rights rights issues (the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are the obvious ones, so no need to cover them), they’re limited to TV appearances in the MCU, or they just wouldn’t fit in this expansive universe. Admittedly, we could have packed this full of a lot of unknowns and forgettable characters (I’m looking at you, The Whizzer), but here are some of the more recognizable faces that you shouldn’t get your hopes up to see in the MCU cinematic offerings.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom
The Fantastic Four not being able to be in the MCU is disappointing, but not having Doctor Doom around is arguably worse. Victor von Doom continually ranks as one of the great comic book super-villains, and it’s not just because of his iconic look. From his insane inventions to his massive ego, Doom has been a threat to almost every hero in the Marvel world, and it’s even worse when he’s leading Latveria. Aside from HYDRA, the MCU doesn’t have a grand, overarching human threat affecting all those heroes, but Doom can’t be that since he’s at Fox.

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