Back in 2012, Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller did their part to shock the comedy world. The group of talented actors and filmmakers came together to take what sounded like an absolutely terrible idea – make a feature film based on an outdated, not-very-funny television series – and managed to turn it into a fantastic hit that scored with critics and at the box office. What’s more, 21 Jump Street was the kind of success that Hollywood absolutely loves taking advantage of, and later this year they’ll be doing exactly that with the release of the new 22 Jump Street. But while the comedy sequel isn’t scheduled to arrive in a theater near you for another couple of weeks, late last year I was invited to get a special sneak peek at the movie by going behind the scenes.

Back in November 2013, I was invited with a small group of other film journalists to fly down to New Orleans, LA where we had the chance to not only visit the set of 22 Jump Street, but also talk to the actors and filmmakers involved while also watching the production in action. Talking with the minds behind the new movie we learned a ton of funny, exciting things, so read on to learn all about the hilarious looking comedy sequel.

22 Jump Street Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill’s First Sequel
Over the course of his career, Jonah Hill has done a lot of projects with recurring collaborators, be it Seth Rogen in front of the camera or Judd Apatow behind it, but one thing that he has never done is a direct sequel. During our on-set interview – where he was paired with Channing Tatum – Hill not only explained why he has always been hesitant about doing part twos, but also why he was motivated to make 22 Jump Street his first.

"I'd never done a sequel before to any of the movies that I was in and that was because I thought it couldn't be as good or better," Hill explained. "But I thought about the premise of the second one going to college, and there hasn't been a great college movie of our generation yet… I thought when you take all the rules of high school away from these guys and put them in college, that seems a lot more comedically fertile."

From there Hill began to see how 22 Jump Street could end up "as good or better" than the original and began developing the story that would eventually be turned into the film’s script.

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