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Filming Two Different Versions Of The Same Scene
As is customary on set visits, myself and the small group of other journalists visiting the 22 Jump Street production got to watch some scenes being filmed, but what made this trip different than most I’ve been on is that the crew filmed two completely different versions of the same scene - one featuring more obscure humor and the other just a bit more normal.

In the scene in question, Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) are out on the football field getting ready to try out for their college’s team. While they are talking, the quarterback of the team, Zook (Wyatt Russell), runs into Jenko, causing him to drop the sandwich he is holding. Jenko – who is undercover and introduces himself as Brad McQuaid – quickly leans over to help pick up the food, and he and Zook immediately share a bond over shared sense of humor (leaving Schmidt to be completely ignored.

In the more odd-ball version of the scene (which was shot first), Jenko actually starts off using a Q-tip in his ear, and it winds up falling into Zook’s sandwich when they crash into each other – creating what they jokingly refer to as a Meat-Q sandwich. Conversely, in the more normal version Jenko and Zook merely both say "Jinx, buy me a sandwich" at the same time after their accidental encounter. I am as just as curious as you are to see what winds up in the final cut.

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