3 Reasons Deadpool Blew The Roof Off Of Hall H At Comic-Con

"Let’s take these broken wings and learn to fucking fly again." That was Ryan Reynolds, in character as Deadpool, introducing the panel for Tim Miller’s Deadpool movie at San Diego Comic-Con – before trying to put a pipe in his masked mouth. It was the perfectly irreverent way to kick off a rousing panel that got all of Hall H on its feet cheering, setting the stage for a big hit when Fox opens the movie next February.

Deadpool, the comic book character, has a huge following, and the movie has been years in the making. Reynolds made numerous jokes during the panel that his last crack at the character (in the dreadful X-Men: Origins – Wolverine) had the Merc With The Mouth with his mouth sewn shut. Not the case this time around, as Reynolds swore to the panel, "This time I don’t shut up." Swore is the right term, as the Deadpool panel dropped more F-bombs than the Wachowski siblings dropped bullet shells in the finale of The Matrix. The fact that we’re getting an R-rated Deadpool movie is one reason why fans left Hall H pumped by the footage. Here are the other major reasons why Deadpool went over so well.


It Was Vulgar As Hell

The footage is packed to the brim with cursing, foul-mouthed repartee, and shocking amounts of violence… in other words, everything that should be in a proper Deadpool adaptation. During the duration of the short clip, we saw numerous headshots (one bullet passed through three separate skulls), a filthy debate about what Deadpool’s unmasked face looked like (something about testicles with teeth?), and the Merc calling at least one character a "cock gobbler." So yeah, leave the kids at home when you check this one out.


It Had Colossus In It!

No one’s really talking about this, but Deadpool features a fellow Marvel mutant in Colossus – played in this movie by Andre Tricoteux. And he looks AMAZING! We don’t hear him talk. But we see Colossus punch Deadpool so hard that he flies into a car. And we learned on the panel that Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand) is a superhero in training, and is Colossus’ trainee. Deadpool also loves her name.

It Made Incredible Use Of Music

There was a hip-hop vibe to the Deadpool trailer, choreographing its bone-crunching fight sequences to Salt-N-Peppa’s "Shoop," as one example. That vibe proved to be contagious, giving Deadpool a rule-flaunting attitude, but also getting the Hall H audience off its feet and demanding more. For the first time all Comic-Con, the chant of "One more time" erupted in Hall H. So, they showed it one more time. And do you know what? It got better on a second viewing.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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