How Deadpool's Villain Will Connect With Wolverine And Other Mutants

Deadpool falls into the "mutant" category within the Marvel universe and as such, he is part of Fox segment of cinema these days along with the X-Men movies. While we don’t really know how, or if, Deadpool will ever join up with, or against, the X-Men proper, we do know that movies do connect together if they ever need to.

Speaking with MTV at San Diego Comic-Con Ed Skrein, who play’s the big bad in Deadpool spoke about his character and confirmed that his film origins do match up with that of the comics.

I think the rest of the world sees him as a bad guy. Me, I think he's just misunderstood. His name is Ajax; or Francis. He went through the same Weapon X program as Wolverine and Deadpool.

In the comics the Weapon X program, which fused the adamantium to Wolverine’s skeleton, had a number of additional guinea pigs, among them Wade Wilson and a guy simply named Francis. The two of them didn’t get along very well. Eventually Wilson becomes Deadpool and Francis becomes Ajax, and they continue their strife with one another. And boy is Ajax one angry looking dude:

image description

While this information was not necessarily a huge surprise, it does at least confirm that these characters are linked to the X-Men world. Hey, as much as all signs are that this Deadpool is doing everything right we reserve the right to be paranoid until we see it. They did it so wrong last time we’re still scarred.

There’s even a minor possibility we might see a cameo by Wolverine himself, which would be great for a couple reasons. First, because it’s always great to see Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. Second, since the events of Days of Future Past effectively rebooted the Weapon X part of that franchise this would be a great opportunity to see Wolverine’s new origin without having to dedicate another film to it, which they would never do anyway.

While Reynolds had publicly said that Deadpool crossing over with X-Men would be difficult at best, it’s nice that the pieces are in place when and if they need them. We’re looking forward to seeing the Merc with a R-rated Mouth when Deadpool hits theaters February 12. It's certainly going to be an interesting Valentine's Day.

Dirk Libbey
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