3 Zootopia Easter Eggs We Totally Missed The First Time Around

We already knew that Disney’s Zootopia was crammed full of easter eggs referencing numerous Disney films both past and future. We covered as many of them as we could handle when the film hit theaters, and there were countless ones that we never even discussed in depth. However, we always figured there were some that we missed, and now we know we were right.

A new ad has been released which announces that Zootopia will hit Blu-Ray on June 7, and one of the special features included, according to the spot on Yahoo, will be a deep dive into all of the references that the film makes. To whet our appetites, the spot drops four specific easter eggs on us, one we caught the first time around, but the other three are a little obscure, and we totally missed them, even if some of us saw the movie multiple times.

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San Fransokyo

Walt Disney Animation's previous feature was the superhero action movie, Big Hero 6. While we did catch at least one specific reference to that film during Zootopia, the existence of the Lucky Cat Cafe, it turns out there were a couple others that we had missed. One was hiding in plain sight on Chief Bogo’s wall calendar. That isn’t just any city skyline in the picture, and it isn’t the city of Zootopia. It’s actually the city of San Fransokyo, the location of the action in Big Hero 6 which was a beautiful fusion of eastern and western architecture.

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If there’s one item on this list that we feel dumb for missing, it’s this one. Some of you probably did catch it if you were looking. Finnick, the fennec fox, doesn’t just have the coolest van in the city of Zootopia because of the amazing artwork. He’s also got his very own Baymax antenna topper. Of course, this one seems a little out of place, as the Zootopia version of Baymax should have a snout. The movie that came out there was called Pig Hero 6. I will now be searching Disneyland gift shops to get my own Baymax antenna ball.

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Arendelle China

We don’t even feel a little bit bad about not catching this one, as it’s obscure as hell. There are numerous Frozen references in Zootopia that we caught, and most were pretty obvious, but this one, not so much. The pattern on the dishes in Jumbles Cafe, where Judy first meets Nick, is actually also found on the castle wallpaper in Arendelle. If you saw that the first time around then we salute you. Also, you may be a little obsessive about Frozen. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

We're still feeling pretty good about our overall percentage on the easter eggs, but we'll be checking out the vlue-ray to see how we did. Check out the complete video over on the next page.

Dirk Libbey
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