The horror genre lost an icon, and Hollywood lost a twistedly gifted storyteller, when Wes Craven lost his personal battle with brain cancer Sunday. The terrifyingly talented writer/director kept most of us on edge – and awake far longer than we’d dreamt possible – with his work on the Nightmare on Elm Street series, and later with Scream. It was through this recent MTV Scream series that a new generation was learning more about his vision and his voice. And now he’s gone, and even though he made it to 76 years of age, it feels like it’s far too soon.

It’s no exaggeration when I say that Wes Craven shaped the way that I view film. As a pre-teen film fanatic, I spent weeks at a time in and out of our neighborhood video store, and the clerk working the desk made sure that I absorbed every Craven film the store had on its shelves. His filmography was formative. What we tend to do, when we lose a legend, is spend time revisiting their previous works – and with Craven, it’s no different. Thankfully, some of his best films are available on Netflix, and can be streamed instantly. Better lock your door and grab your crucifix, because we’re running through the bets Wes Craven films currently available on Netflix. Pop one on and pay tribute to the horror master at your earliest convenience.

A Nightmare In Elm Street (1984)
Arguably one of our finest horror films, and undoubtedly one of the scariest, Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street introduced vengeance-seeking janitor Fred Krueger (Robert Englund) into our pop culture landscape, ensuring we’d never sleep the same way again. Nightmare took the slasher genre into uncharted territories, unleashing a mortal threat into the previous safe zone of our dreams. Englund’s turn as Freddy started off as campy and grew downright comical with each passing sequel, but the original Elm Street still generates plenty of chills more than three decades after its release.   

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