Last week, Warner Bros. released a new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to whet our appetites after months of no footage. Among the previews, many memorable moments were Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meeting each other for the first time, more of that bizarre desert sequence and the first look at Doomsday. Some have said the trailer gave too much a way, and while that may be true concerning a couple plot elements, there is still plenty about the movie that’s shrouded in secrecy.

As the calendar marches closer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s release, there are still a few lingering questions that have yet to be addressed, ranging from who one of the actors is playing or the motivations of key players we already know about. We’re not saying any of the talent involved will answer all these questions before the movie comes out, and frankly, some of these are better off as surprises. However, with a little over four months to go until it hits theaters, we’ll be scratching our heads over these for the remaining time left.

Why Is Wonder Woman Around?
Why Is Wonder Woman Around?
Her name isn’t in the title, but it’s clear Wonder Woman will be an important player in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Thanks to the recent trailer, we know she’ll be joining the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader in battle against Doomsday, and we’ve seen in previous photos and previews, that she’ll be at a fancy shindig also being attended by Bruce Wayne. Still, the question remains: what’s she doing in Metropolis/Gotham City? It’s unlikely she’s simply paying a social call, though maybe after hundreds of years, she’s bored of all of Themysicra’s social functions. One possible answer could be connected to her solo movie. It was reported last month that at the end of 2017’s Wonder Woman, the magical sword used by antagonist Ares will disappear, and she’ll still be searching for the blade during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Another possibility is that she’s investigating Lex Luthor on her own, which is why she’s around when Doomsday awakens.

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