Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s main antagonist Lex Luthor is largely still a mystery. There are a few things that can be inferred right away going off the character’s comic book history. He’s extremely intelligent, he looks down on most people, he craves power, and, most importantly, he hates Superman. However, Jesse Eisenberg has said many times that this version of Luthor will be quite different from previous versions, and we still have half a year until moviegoers see the evil plan he’s hatching. In the meantime, however, now we have a better sense of how Luthor is viewed by the public in the DC Extended Universe.

In a unique marketing move, Warner Bros. has released this faux-Fortune profile on Luthor over five months before the film’s release. Alexander Luthor Jr. (yep, he’s the second person to carry that name) is one of the world’s most famous industrialists, and the article paints a clear picture of how he wants everyone to see him. Most of the new information revolves around Lex’s background, but there are a few tidbits relating to the wider DCEU. Take a look at these fascinating revelations.

Kord Industries Exists In The DCEU
Kord Industries Exists In The DCEU
Next to LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises (more on them later), Kord Enterprises is mentioned as one of the "top three charitable corporations in America." Comic book fans know the company is owned by Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. Like Kord’s mentions on Arrow, this could just be a simple name drop, but as it was recently reported that Blue Beetle and Booster Gold have their own movie in development, perhaps he will eventually be seen on the big screen.

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