With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice about six months away from release, and Suicide Squad entering post-production, attention is slowly turning towards Wonder Woman, the next movie up on DC’s film slate. So far, the only characters confirmed for that film are the eponymous heroine (played by Gal Gadot) and her love interest Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), and while we’re eager to see who will comprise the rest of the supporting cast, the big question is who will be chosen as the 2017 blockbuster’s central antagonist.

Wonder Woman may not have as many notable villains as Batman and Superman, but there are a select few who have caused her a lot of grief over the decades. We’ve selected the five villains that are the likeliest to be chosen for Diana of Themyscira’s first solo movie, from fellow demigods and deities to humans with their own unique powers. Read ahead to meet the special candidates!

Doctor Psycho
Doctor Psycho
It would be an understatement to say that Edgar Cizko, a.k.a. Doctor Psycho, has issues with women. His hatred for females developed after he was picked on by several at a young age for his small size. Despite this deep-rooted misogyny, Cizko did fall in love with a woman named Marva Jane Gray while at medical school, but unfortunately, Ben Bradley, the man she truly loved, framed Cizko for a theft at the university’s laboratory. Once he escaped prison, the now-named Psycho killed Ben and mentally forced Marva to marry him, thus kicking off his supervillain career.

While he was originally a skilled hypnotist that ectoplasm, he was changed in the post-Crisis era of the comics to be a skilled telepath who uses his psionic abilities to torment those who stand in his way. If Wonder Woman is looking to pit Diana against a foe who doesn’t rely on brute force, Doctor Psycho is the perfect choice. His presence would especially work if Wonder Woman is a World War II period piece, given that in his earlier comic book appearances Psycho tried to prevent women from helping out in the war effort.

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