Now that the cat's officially out of the bag and Bond 24 has the official title of Spectre, it's time to dig into what this piece of news really means. Sam Mendes knew it when he announced the title this morning, and basically told fans of the classic Bond franchise that yes, the famed organization of super villainy had returned to make Daniel Craig's Bond wish Quantum was still kicking around in the world. If you thought Quantum was the end all, know all of dastardly clandestine organizations, then you're probably a fan of the newer era of Bond history.

There's nothing wrong with that, considering SPECTRE has been off limits to the Bond camp since the release of 1971's Diamonds Are Forever. With the rights re-purchased by EON Productions last fall, the stage was set for Spectre to make its way back to the big screen. For the purpose of educating all future field agents, we've put together this dossier to explain just what SPECTRE stands for, as well as its evil agents who've crossed paths with 007 on various missions. But most importantly, we'll introduce you to the leader and ultimate arch-nemesis of James Bond himself – Ernst Stavro Blofeld. So pay attention, agents; and remember... this information is for your eyes only.

Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion
SPECTRE gets its name from the acronym for "Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion." Ever since its foundation, its main goal has been to undermine the governments of the world, in hopes of one day ruling it. Some of their most infamous plots have involved the attempted radiating of Fort Knox's gold supply, the ransom of two nuclear warheads found off the coast of the Bahamas, as well as various plots involving the sabotage of the space program. It is governed by a cabinet of 21 members, the head of which is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

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