Marvel recently announced that Rush actor Daniel Bruhl has been cast in Captain America: Civil War. While the original press release didn’t indicate what his role is, several outlets are reporting that he will be playing a villain, with one rumor stating that he could show up in Doctor Strange as the main antagonist. Whatever this mysterious role is, it’s clear this isn’t anything minor. Bruhl will be a major player in the MCU in 2016!

Since the original Civil War storyline focused on the conflict between the pro-registration and anti-registration forces, it’s unclear which villain Bruhl could play. One would think that Tony Stark would fill that role considering how he and Steve Rogers were at odds with each other in the comics. However, there are several villains that could be worked into the narrative, many from Cap’s rogues gallery and one from the Sorcerer Supreme’s. When the Civil War erupts, Steve Rogers may find himself facing one of these dangerous foes.

Baron Mordo
Baron Mordo
Having this villain go from a political thriller to a movie revolving around magic is an unusual choice. However, given that Doctor Strange is being released six months after Captain America: Civil War, it’s possible Marvel is using Cap’s third installment to set up the Sorcerer Supreme’s first outing. Out of Strange’s rogues gallery, Baron Mordo makes the most sense. Since this is adapting Civil War, there will likely be superpowered elements to the story, and Mordo can serve as our first glimpse at magic in the MCU. Even if he hasn’t learned sorcery yet, he could still be a powerful individual attempting to twist the Superhuman Registration towards his own goals, perhaps in an alliance with the main villain.

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