Halloween offers a beautiful form of escapism. By donning a costume, we either get to be the person (or thing) we’ve always dreamed of being, or the person who scares us the most. Some of us embrace the terror. Others just want to be the "sexy" version of a recognizable stereotype. Everyone, basically, just wants to look cool.

Do you have your costume picked out yet? If not, Fandango is here to help. The company surveyed more than a thousand film fans in October about which 2015 movie-inspired costumes they’ll be wearing this Halloween, and the results are in. You might even be able to guess a number of these. And maybe they’ll inspire you as you race to put together a last-minute costume idea. Here are the top 5 female costumes, as chosen by Fandango readers. I’m sure the stripper from Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse was No. 6:

5. Furiosa
Sorry, Max. When it comes to Fury Road-inspired costumes, the intense Furiosa (Charlize Theron) has you beat – as a glance at the Male list did not produce a win for Tom Hardy’s roving road warrior. While I don’t doubt that a number of inspired female Halloween participants will don the beige wardrobe of Theron’s one-armed leader, I am curious how many of them will fully commit to the bit and shave their heads. Because, you know, cutting off your arm and replacing it with a robotic limb would be too extreme.

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