Say what you will about the current shaky ground of the DCEU, the future still looks bright for the members of the Justice League. The one Justice League member who has us particularly excited is also arguably the most popular: The Dark Knight. Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie has slowly but surely started to take shape, with recent developments stating that Red Hood will not make an appearance, and that the film will feature a large number of villains.

With that in mind, we think this is a perfect time for DC to finally adapt the modern classic Batman storyline, Hush. A personal battle between Bruce Wayne and his childhood friend Tommy Elliot, Hush was written by Jeph Loeb and blew audiences away when it hit shelves back in 2003. In the years since its release, it has become a quintessential Batman read, and more than worthy of the silver screen treatment. We’ve opened up the pages of the legendary comic book and come up with five distinct reasons why Ben Affleck should seriously consider using Hush when the time comes to make his solo Batman film.

The Central Villain Has Never Been Used Before
One of the things that made Batman Begins such a revolutionary take on the Batman lore back in 2005 was its willingness to explore corners of the Dark Knight's mythos unknown to members of the mainstream audience. A character like Hush has similarly never been seen before on the silver screen, so audiences would enter the theater with little to no expectations for what could go down. Putting someone like Joker or Scarecrow on the center stage would instantly lead to comparisons of what had come before, but a personal showdown between Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliot would feel incredibly distinct. If Ben Affleck wants to make a statement and set himself apart from what other Bat-directors have done before, then he should strongly consider using an iconic villain with absolutely no history in the movies.

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